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The Characteristics of Paris Home Decor

The Characteristics of Paris Home Decor

Paris home decor or design is one of the several designs or styles of house architecture and interior. Of course this particular style has its own specific characteristics that will define it from other styles. Try to apply these elements if you want to have a French home decor in your lovely comfortable home.

The black color is the most important color in Paris home decor. It is the unifying color in every aspect related to the decoration of the interior. Bring the black color inside your house without giving dark accent all over the house. Wooden colored furniture, fabrics, picture frames, lampshades, and any accessory in black would be great to serve the unifying purpose. Another simple way to really bring the Paris accent inside is by placing huge posters or painting of the Paris landmarks. You can get painting of Eiffel or picture of Arc of Triumph for examples.

One more of the characteristics of Paris home decor are the use of such large clocks inside the house. For better result the clock with French lettering or French scene is much recommended. The best way to look for it is of course antique stores. Just in case that you cannot find the one that works it does not matter as long as it has the look of French which is suitable for Paris themed home decor.

The common light fixtures of this particular home decor are very iconic. You can go for wall sconces, fringed lampshades, or crystal chandeliers. You can get the so called romantic glow out of the light fixtures by choosing item with black color and gold lining made of foil. Meanwhile for the floor you should go for dark hardwood. Large oriental carpets could be added to the flooring for a more authentic Paris home decor.

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