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Lighthouse Shower Curtain and Bathroom Sets

Lighthouse Shower Curtain and Bathroom Sets

Lighthouse shower curtain is one of the most popular patterns to use in the bathroom. The lighthouse shape will give a new sensation to your bathroom as it will sometimes carry a photographic picture of beach with it. There are also some lighthouse curtains that feature old lighthouse to give your bathroom a different look. The tall and unique look of the lighthouse is what many people look in when they are using the lighthouse curtain.

Sometimes, the lighthouse curtain comes with the lighthouse curtain hooks that will give another combination to the bathroom set. This lighthouse curtain is fitting for a boy’s bathroom or a guest’s bathroom if you happen to have a house near the beach. It can also come in set with the bathroom tiles or soap dispenser. Choosing the theme as your bathroom theme will give your bathroom a pretty look that is neutral and does not represents gender.

The Vintage Lighthouse Shower Curtain

The vintage lighthouse shower curtain has a pattern or a pictures of old lighthouse that as has its own unique and grand look. It will look beautiful on your bathroom especially when you have the same matching shower hooks to go with it. The lighthouse shower curtain sometimes comes in pattern of small and big lighthouses with the beach and blue sky scene. The blue sky and beach scene will make your bathroom feels airy and will make you feel like you are near the beach to feel the warm breeze of summer.

Choosing the Lighthouse Bathroom Sets

The lighthouse can indeed be the theme of your bathroom. Even when you don’t have a house near the beach, the lighthouse bathroom sets will give you feel of cool breeze especially when it has blue sky and beach pictured on the curtain. The bathroom set can include the curtain hooks, toilet cover, soap dispenser and sometimes there are matching tile that goes with the theme.

heritage lace lighthouse shower curtain

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