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Hippie Curtains to Cheer Up Your Room

Hippie Curtains to Cheer Up Your Room

Hippie curtains are identical with the bright colors combination sometimes with odd cuts on the bottom of the curtains. When hippie trend strike the world in the era of 70s, the hippie fashion spread and until now there are many people who still like to use the trend as their outfit fashion or house interior. The bright color and free model of the hippie fabrics will make your room looks exciting.

The hippie curtains can be made by yourself or you can buy it on the bohemian store or online stores. The colors that the hippie curtain use are usually range from red, blue, yellow, orange, purple and pink. There is also a possibility that a fabric that is used for the curtains have all the color as a combination. The pattern that the hippie fabric has are also unique, with tying method, the pattern can result in swirls or dotted pattern in a natural way.

The Popular Coloring Method on the Hippie Curtains

The curtains used bright colors and sometimes the combination can be anything appropriate. The hippies were known for their creativity of making shirts with self-colored fabric, curtains from self-colored fabric or fabric patches. They use environmental friendly color dye to add extra color to a fabric. The free combination of the color and pattern makes hippie style a fun style to copy.

The Famous Tie Dye Curtains

With the sheer and light fabric, the hippie curtain can add beautiful shade with all the color it has. The color of the hippie fabric that is most famous is the tie dye technique, this technique involves a fabric dye and when the fabric is being dyed, the fabric is swirled, pinched or tied. This way, the hippie fabrics especially tie dye curtains will have a combination of color with pretty patterns like dotted, swirl, or other pattern.

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